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March Dolphin

This past week I have been able to use the postural training from CFS in a very diverse patient population, hypothesizing first, then confirming with my hands, and then teaching exercises with confidence. My youngest patient was 6 months old, and my oldest was 86!

Sarah B.

CFS is probably the best thing that could have happened to me pre-pregnancy.  Prior to CFS, I had chronic back pain and now, two weeks away from my due date, I have had zero back pain and can still work with a gigantic baby boy sticking straight out in front of me on this 5-foot frame.  I couldn’t be more grateful for living the CFS principles on a day to day basis!

Rachel L.

Thank you so much for the CFS course last weekend!  All my patients are getting CFS today so far, and I’ve had 3 “ah-ha” moments in the 3-hours I’ve been at work today so far.  I also shaved a minute and a half off my 3-mile run last night just thinking about proper alignment!