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All pathways to excellence require on site, in person, lab or clinical intensive learning opportunities designed to push the limits of your skills and knowledge and promote attainable and remarkable patient care for all patient populations.

Established in 1978 as a leader in professional development, IPA provides multiple pathways to become a master clinician.

Continuing Education

  • Regional FMT approach
  • FMT comprehensive core curriculum

Continuing Education

Certification & Advanced Mastery

  • Demonstration of mastery through written and oral practical exams
  • Advanced training, mentorship, and testing

Certifications & Advanced Mastery

Mastery through Mentorship

  • Clinical Affiliations
  • Residency
  • Fellowship
  • Partnering in an IPA Physio Clinic
  • Faculty Development

Students / Residency & Fellowship

Reasons to Choose IPA!!!

Over 45 years of educational experience at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, post-professional, residency and fellowship) has resulted in a comprehensive understanding by the founding directors and faculty of how to best structure learning opportunities for clinicians driven to achieve excellence in patient care. 

We do not just pride ourselves in what we teach, but how we teach!  All IPA faculty bring extensive clinical experience….not just as a master clinician, but as a master FMT clinicians.  Therefore, in each IPA/FMT class, the thread of common clinical reasoning and treatment strategies, links the material of one class to another.

Evidence Enhanced

We discuss and apply the most current knowledge from research and technology enhanced understanding of the human body and brain.

Master Clinician Instructors

Live instruction facilitates optimum hands on mentoring from experts. Don’t be frustrated from trying to learn a manual skill online with no direct feedback  IPA faculty will specifically guide your hands to help you feel everything that instructors are feeling.

Focus on Function

We treat towards functional efficiency, not diagnoses dictated interventions.

Evidence Based Motor Learning of Manual Skills

Firmly rooted in the most basic premise of motor learning, the IPA curriculum specifically trains PT’s in the motor, visual, and auditory skills of FMT by providing the learning environment which focuses on parts to the whole.

Lab Intensive

Develop confidence in observation, palpation and treatment skills through repetition and supervised practice and application.

Advanced Clinical Reasoning Training

The FMT system provides a structured process for developing pattern recognition which incorporates published evidence and clinical experience.

Comprehensive System of Patient Care

Everything works together to create a seamless approach to patient care, not just assortment of techniques. All material is unique to IPA.

Recommended by Peers & Cost Effective

40 years of success from word of mouth! More classroom time per dollar spent.

Love How You Treat!

We make learning fun, FMT makes treatment exciting. Rehab professionals love helping people, it is why we all chose these professions. It is important to love how you help someone, FMT allows you to love the way that you treat. Find the joy in going to work every day because you love the problem solving and creativeness that FMT allows.

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IPA Certifications & Advanced Mastery

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Residency / Fellowship

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