CFS: CoreFirst® Strategies

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CoreFirst® Strategies are genetically driven human forms of stability and locomotion.

Human genetics promote quadruped and bipedal locomotion for survival, self-care and reproduction. Throughout normal growth and development, genetically driven functional movements and tasks promote the development of three pressure systems which provide the underlying support for Automatic Core Engagement™ (ACE) during functional postures and movements. 

CFS is an exciting and challenging, lab-intensive course which guides the participant to self-explore efficient postures and positions, promoting CoreFirst® movement strategies.  During supervised lab sessions, the participant practices multiple facilitation techniques and methods for training a patient’s posture and facilitating the efficient performance of functional tasks with CoreFirst® training strategies. 

After taking CFS, you will be able to immediately utilize the valid and reliable Saliba Postural Classification System to enhance patients’ dynamic stability and controlled mobility during functional tasks. You will be able to adapt these principles to both sitting and standing activities. 

Finally, CFS presents a comprehensive exercise system with addresses:

  • Proprioceptive and kinesthetic training
  • Active elongation to promote more efficient mechanical capacity
  • Specific exercises for automatic core engagement
  • Motor control exercises which promote dissociation and options for  control and movement


This past week I have been able to use the postural training from CFS in a very diverse patient population, hypothesizing first, then confirming with my hands, and then teaching exercises with confidence. My youngest patient was 6 months old, and my oldest was 86!

March Dolphin


CFS is probably the best thing that could have happened to me pre-pregnancy.  Prior to CFS, I had chronic back pain and now, two weeks away from my due date, I have had zero back pain and can still work with a gigantic baby boy sticking straight out in front of me on this 5-foot frame.  I couldn’t be more grateful for living the CFS principles on a day to day basis!

Sarah B.


Thank you so much for the CFS course last weekend!  All my patients are getting CFS today so far, and I’ve had 3 “ah-ha” moments in the 3-hours I’ve been at work today so far.  I also shaved a minute and a half off my 3-mile run last night just thinking about proper alignment!

Rachel L.



  • Identify the role of CoreFirst® Strategies (CFS) in Functional Manual Therapy®
  • Identify the correlation of CFS to motor learning theory
  • Present the Saliba Postural Classification System (SPCS) and examine the supporting evidence and rationale
  • In supervised lab sessions, practice three IPA functional tests and analyze the objective findings to identify efficient/inefficient postures and presence/absence of a CoreFirst® strategy for anticipatory and compensatory postural control
  • Identify CoreFirst® principles of acute care and positioning to maximize pain reduction, optimize healing, and prevent central sensitization
  • In supervised lab sessions, practice a step-by-step assessment and training for unsupported sitting, active sitting, sit to stand, standing, active standing, lifting, and push-pull activities
  • Design an appropriate, challenging, and individualized exercise program for enhancement of proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, core stability, strength, endurance, and motor control
  • In supervised lab sessions, utilize CFS principles of motor learning to identify functional tasks and determine the mechanical, neuromuscular, and motor control parts which necessitate intervention
  • Discuss and correlate current research on core stabilization and exercise training to CFS material

Requirements & Additional Information

  • Required Course Preparation

    • Prior to the classroom portion of this course, all students must complete the required course preparation which includes videos, quizzes, and articles. Once enrolled in a course, required course preparation can be found by logging on to your IPA account and selecting “My Upcoming Courses.”  If you have any trouble accessing the required course preparation please email for assistance.  Prep time varies by course so be sure to review required course work immediately following your purchase to allow for sufficient time to complete assignments prior to the start of the course.  To receive CEUs all required course preparation must be completed prior to course commencement.  
    • CFS requires the participation in multiple exercises sessions which can be physically demanding.  Please come prepared and rested.
    • Please read the following article:

  • Required Equipment

    • Release of Liability Form: Complete the Release of Liability Form and bring it to the course.
    • Swiss Ball: Sat and Sun.  The size of the Swiss Ball should allow you to sit on the ball with a 100+ (but not more than 110) degree hip-trunk angle. If you do not own a Swiss Ball or cannot use one from your facility, call Ball Dynamics at 800-752-2255 to order one. Please have a credit card number and shipping address available. If you are unable to bring your ball inflated, please arrive early to have this done. A pump will be available at the course.
    • Foam Roll (36″ x 6″) Sat. and Sun.  Foam Rolls may be ordered from a number of providers including: OPTP at 888-819-0121 or; Perform Better at 888-556-7464 or

  • CEU Information

    20 Contact Hours

    NOTE:  To receive a CEU certificate, you must complete all required pre-course preparation noted in your acceptance letter PRIOR to course commencement AND the course evaluation at the conclusion of the course.  You will receive an email prior to the class with directions on how to complete your evaluation and specific guidelines as to the time frame in which this can be completed. 

    Approved for PTs in NY, IL, and CA.  For a different state, please check with your state board for reciprocity of CEU approval from one of these states.  IPA will provide the standard documentation needed for individual state approval if your state does not accept reciprocity.  OTs, and PTAs should check with their approving body to determine if the PT approval is acceptable.

    To determine if any additional state approvals have been obtained, please check facility information for a specific course. (Select more info for the specific course at the bottom of this page and then select Facility Information tab.  Any additional approval will appear in the top left of the tab below the facility name.)

  • Price Information

    Earlybird Price: $625 / Regular Price: $695

    Earlybird Discounts: Register at least one month prior to course commencement and receive a discount of approximately 10%.  Register early and save!

    Student / New Professional Discounts: Students and First Year New Professionals can receive a 20% discount. Full details here.

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  • Recommended Reading and Viewing
  • Audience & Attendance

    PT, PTA, OT, SPT

    Attendees agree to utilize all skills of evaluation, assessment and treatment learned in this course to the extent allowed under the regulations of their professional practice act. By registering you acknowledge that your attendance does not represent authorization by the IPA, or any of its officers, to utilize any of the material learned which may lie outside of the strict interpretation of your practice act.

    Each attendee is expected to complete the required pre-course work before the course begins, and attend all hours of instruction to receive a certificate of completion. Any exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved in writing by the Directors.

  • Lab Clothing

    • Each participant’s body must be accessible for observation.
    • Women:  Halter tops, sports bras, or fitted t-shirts and shorts or sweat pants.  Avoid leggings as they do not allow sufficient access to the lower extremity.
    • Men:  shorts or sweat pants and a fitted t-shirt if uncomfortable being shirtless
    • Do not wear jeans or pants that button or zip.  All pants for men and women must have elastic waist.
    • Please refrain from wearing large or sharp jewelry and watches.
    • On Sunday, please wear athletic or work shoes.
    • It is recommended to wear layers for comfort between labs as temperatures may vary in the room.


  • Breaks

    While we continue to cope with the presence of COVID-19, the IPA shall adhere to ongoing CDC guidelines related to food and beverage consumption at each course.  To avoid community spread, participants are requested to bring their own drink and any desired snack.  Each participant will be requested to step out of the room while consuming drink or food or create a socially acceptable distance from other participants.

  • Instructor Note

    While specific instructors are scheduled for each course, circumstance may necessitate instructor changes. In addition, the final number of instructors is determined by enrollment.  Course refunds or transfers are not granted related to changes in the designated instructor or number of instructors.


    Instructor/Participant Ratio:

    • 1 Instructor:  ≤ 20 participants
    • 2 Instructors:  22 – 32 participants
    • 3 Instructors:  ≥ 34 participants

Locations & Dates

Location Date Scheduled Instructor(s)
Location: Fremont, CA Date: September 16, 2022 - September 18, 2022 Scheduled Instructor(s): Vicky Saliba Johnson Enroll / More Info
Location: Shelby, NC Date: September 23, 2022 - September 25, 2022 Scheduled Instructor(s): Tracy Eisenbeis Enroll / More Info
Location: Anaheim, CA Date: October 21, 2022 - October 23, 2022 Scheduled Instructor(s): Vicky Saliba Johnson Enroll / More Info
Location: Brooklyn, NY Date: November 4, 2022 - November 6, 2022 Scheduled Instructor(s): Sarah Bigham Nolan Enroll / More Info