On Demand Courses

The IPA is excited to offer the following On-Demand learning options for your professional advancement.   Please scroll through the following course offerings to identify a topic area relevant to your practice and for which you seek better understanding and mastery.  Links to register for an On-Demand course are at the bottom of this page.

On-Demand Courses

  • OD-SOP: Strategies for Optimizing Performance

    OD-SOP:  On Demand Strategies for Optimizing Performance:  Pushing the Limits for our Highest Functioning Patients

    On Demand:  See registration details below

    Approved for 14 PT contact hours (see CEU general policy under FAQ)


    Lab Sessions:  Yes, wear lab clothing the course
    This is a lab intensive class.  You have the option to participate in the labs or work with a lab subject during the lab sessions.

    Lab Subject Needed:  Optional
    This class can be done independently or with a subject.

    Required Equipment
    • Exercise Mat
    • Kettle Bell and or weight, 5 to 20 lbs depending on participant
    • Sports Cord 
    • Elastic Band:  Recommend Theraband CLX medium resistance (blue)

    Build on the CoreFirst principles taught in CFS and other IPA/FMT classes to enhance the stability and physical performance of our highest functioning patients. CHALLENGE YOUR PERSONAL PHYSICAL POTENTIAL as well as discover how to push your patients to their optimum potential!

    Seth Blee, DPT, CFMT, CSCS, has been primary faculty for IPA for over 20 years,.  From 2016 to 2013, he served the medical staff of the Washington Nationals as their Lead Team Physical Therapist.  From 2020 to 2022,  Seth worked with the Washington Spirit (National Women’s Soccer League) as their Team Physical Therapist,  He currently owns BEST (Best Elite Sports Therapy)  and regularly treats professional football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer players, as well as patients just wanting to move and function at their highest potential!  Seth has done multiple podcasts discussing rehab in professional sports and has been on ESPN as part of the E60 Project 11 program.

    In this dynamic seminar, Seth will present a framework for the utilization of CoreFirst® principles when evaluating and treating your higher level functioning patients, as well as competitive athletes.  The focus is to enhance the participant’s visual assessment skills when observing details of movement for quality, timing, sequencing, stability, and control.  Through demonstration and instructor led, self experiential, practice sessions, the participant will explore mechanisms to maximize efficiency of movement and improve physical performance by minimizing aberrant compensations and movement patterns which can lead to injury or decrease functional performance.  The virtual class will also include demonstrations integrating FMT treatment protocols and techniques as appropriate.

    By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

    •  Explain how Automatic Core Engagement (ACE) can be used to assess physical performance capabilities
    •  Discuss the Saliba Postural Classification System (SPCS) and how these variations can impact physical performance.
    •  Apply the principles and techniques taught in CFS, applying these principles to Dynamic Functional Testing.
    •  Expand on the Functional Tests taught in CFS, applying these principles to Dynamic Functional Testing.
    •  Utilize Dynamic Functional Testing in multiple positions to highlight the importance of ACE for high level performance activities.
    •  Explain and apply the CFS for posture and movement to various sports specific positions and activities.
    •  Utilize PNF in developmental positions to enhance optimum function using principles of positioning, manual contacts, resistance, and irradiation to enhance facilitation for improved stability and physical performance.
    •  Identify key exercises commonly used in the performance and strength environment and discuss common dysfunctions based on the integration of the thoracic and pelvic girdle.

    : Seth Blee, DPT, CFMT, CSCS 

    To Register please scroll to the bottom of the page under OD-SOP

  • OD-SHR: Sleep Health and Recovery

    On Demand Sleep Health and Recovery® (OD-SHR):  Resetting Brain and Body Wellness Through Sleep

    On Demand:   New updated version will be available Spring 2024

    Approved for 10 PT contact hours (see  IPA CEU general policy under IPA FAQ)


    This course is open to all Health care professionals and their patients.

    Sleep is the chief nourisher of life’s feast! (Shakespeare)

    Current best practice for physical therapists requires practical knowledge and appropriate intervention skills related to the effect of sleep on health and recovery.  The APTA House of Delegates adopted Sleep Health as part of the Physical Therapy Scope of Practice in 2015.  As a physical therapist, do you feel your current knowledge and skills are sufficient to screen sleep disorders and promote sleep health?  This webinar will prepare the clinician to better assess and categorize sleep disorders and effectively choose best-practice interventions.


    By the end of the class, the participant will be able to:

    • Identify the science of sleep health.
    • Correlate sleep physiology to body systems’ function and performance.
    • Define the most common sleep disorders.
    • Differentiate clinical signs and symptoms of sleep disorders.
    • Identify objective and subjective measures of sleep assessment.
    • Apply treatment interventions specific to each identified disorder.
    • Identify 11 healthy habits for optimal sleep hygiene.
    • Discuss current concepts of pillows and mattresses related to efficient sleep posture.

    Instructor:  Trudy Messer, PT, OCS, RYT, CKTP, CFMT
    Trudy Messer, a Canadian trained/IPA inspired and certified physical therapist, has been practicing since 1997.  Holding multiple certifications, she has always strived to determine the best practice to serve every patient she sees.  In 2015, after reading that humans sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago, Trudy determined to research the why.  As a member of the South Carolina APTA since 1997 and an active Board of Directors member from 2012-2018, Trudy has always been on the forefront of knowledge regarding health and wellness standards of care for Physical Therapists.  In 2015, when the APTA Bylaws (RC 11-15) adapted to include sleep and nutrition as health issues for physical therapists to address, Trudy realized that as physical therapist, our knowledge and training was less than optimal for this new APTA directive!  This spark to educate our profession was further fueled when she read Matthew Walker’s book, Why We Sleep, and Nick Littlehales’ book, Sleep.  Teaching “Sleep Health and Recovery” since 2018 has put Trudy Messer in the forefront within our profession for understanding the science and management of sleep as Physical Therapists.

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  • OD-TES: The Endocannabinoid System

    On Demand The Endocannabinoid System (OD-TES):  A Virtual Seminar for PTs, OTs and Their Patients

    On Demand:  See registration details below

    Approved for PTs for 5.5 contact hours (see the IPA CEU general policy under FAQ)


    Optimal management of pain often goes beyond the application of our manual therapy techniques. Chronic pain can be the result of dysregulation of the body’s systems.  Having tools to facilitate the body’s return to a state of balance is essential to pain management.  TES presents an in-depth analysis of the body’s primary homeostasis system, The Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

    This groundbreaking seminar will:

    • Present the regulatory attributes of the ECS 
    • Discuss the pain recovery role of phytocannabinoids
    • Present the pros and cons of THC versus CBD
    • Discuss the regulatory effects of marijuana versus hemp
    • Compare the efficiency of each delivery system/method for phytocannabinoids
    • Discuss best choice strategies for patient education

    Instructor:  Cheryl Wardlaw, PT, MMSc, CFMT, author of Taming Pain
    and Taming Stress

    Registration:  To Register please scroll to the bottom of the page under OD-TES

  • OD-VVN: The Vagus Nerve - Balancing the Autonomic System

    On Demand The Vagus Nerve (OD-VVN), Balancing the Autonomic System

    On Demand: a new updated version will be available early 2024

    Approved for 5 PT contact hours (see the IPA CEU general policy under FAQ)


    This class includes guided lab sessions.
    Subject required during hours 2 through 5

    Required Equipment
    • Treatment table
    • Fascia Free
    • Pillows for support
    • Several towels
    • Exam gloves
    • Tongue Depressor
    • Flashlight to look in the mouth (phone flashlight would work)
    Change your patient’s emotional experience with their body by treating the physical mobility of the vagus nerve.

    This course will train the participant to identify and treat:

    • The physical experience of anxiety
    • High blood pressure
    • Irregular or elevated heart rates
    • Automatic contributions to breathing disorders
    • A missing link in visceral treatment

    This instructor will present the functional anatomy of the vagus nerve, its role in maintaining the homeostasis of the autonomic system, current polyvagal theories, and FMT mechanical assessment and treatment interventions to restore efficient function of the vagus nerve and the autonomic system.


        • Develop an understanding of the vagus nerve and its role in regulating the ANS
        • Discuss the definition and application of the Polyvagal Theory to PT practice
        • Identify pathologies associated with dysfunctions in the ANS
        • Present Functional Mobilization mechanical evaluation and treatment techniques for vagal nerve and visceral mobility.
        • Discuss appropriate home program

    “I had long COVID for three and a half months without improvement that included many classic symptoms. I had heart palpitations, lightheadedness, headaches, a varied pulse rate even at rest, was out of breath, weak, and felt brain fog with reduced concentration. Dismayed at my lack of progress, I saw my local internal medicine physician who recommended treatment by Gregg Johnson, PT. My physician noted several of his long COVID patients had made great progress.

    Physical therapists Gregg Johnson and Vilma Wong resolved my long COVID symptoms by reducing inflammation in the vagus nerve with manual therapy. The vagus nerve controls autonomic functions like breathing, heart rate, and messaging between internal organs and the brain.

    Reducing inflammation in the vagus nerve allows these functions to return to normal. I experienced remarkable improvement in the first session; after the second session, my symptoms disappeared. I encourage anyone with lingering COVID symptoms to visit the world-renowned physical therapists at J&J. To the entire J&J team: Thanks for all you do!

    Instructor:  Gregory S Johnson, PT, FFFMT, FAAOMPT

    Registration: To Register please scroll to the bottom of the page under OD-VVN

  • OD-TSS: The Stress System

    On Demand The Stress System (OD-TSS):  Restoring Central Calm to Enhance Health and Pain Control
    A Virtual Seminar for PTs, OTs and Their Patients

    Instructor:  Cheryl Wardlaw, PT, MMSc, CFMT, author of Taming Pain
    and Taming Stress

    On Demand:  See registration details below.

    Approved for PT CEUs for 4.5 contact hours (see the IPA CEU general policy under FAQ)



    The management of stress is key to health, growth, and pain control.  Stress is more than something we are subjected to, it is a part of a biological system, the Stress System, designed to modulate the other body systems during threat and to enhance our development.  Dysregulation of this system can lead to disease, psychological issues and on-going pain problems.  TSS presents an in-depth analysis of this complex system and provides a wealth of strategies to optimize its health and function.

    This groundbreaking seminar will:

    • Reimagine stress as a natural physiologic state, with a modulating system
    • Present the Anatomy, triggers, processes and functions of TSS
    • Discuss how TSS modulates through neuronal, hormonal and behavioral activities
    • Explore how information flows to the Sympathetic Nervous System to resolve threat
    • Compare the signs and symptoms of efficient and inefficient stress modulation
    • Explore how chronic dysregulation of TSS leads to pain and poor health
    • Discuss strategies for recalibrating every component of TSS, including the Vagus Nerve

    Registration:  To Register please scroll to the bottom of the page under OD-TSS

Requirements & Additional Information

  • Connectivity Requirements

    Connectivity Requirement:  Video/Internet access to Zoom.  You will receive specific instructions once you register, but you must have a personal Zoom account directly linked to the same email address linked to your IPA account.

    Please visit https://zoom.us/test to configure your computer settings and become familiar with the Zoom interface.

    Once you have registered for the course, you will be sent a link to your On Demand IPA Course within the IPA e-Learning site.  If you have not yet accessed your IPA e-Learning account, you will receive a second email to activate your IPA e-Learning account (unless you have recently received an email to activate your e-Learning account for another IPA course).

  • Required Course Preparation

    • Pre-course videos or reading is required for certain virtual seminars.  If pre-course work is required, it will be part of your IPA E-learning module.  To receive CEUs for the webinar,  all students must complete any required course preparation which may includes videos, quizzes, and articles. Once you are enrolled in an on-demand course, required course preparation can be found by logging on to your IPA account and selecting “My Upcoming Courses.”  If you have any trouble accessing the required course preparation please email [email protected] for assistance.  Prep time varies by course so be sure to review required course work immediately following your purchase to allow for sufficient time to complete assignments prior to the start of the course. To receive CEUs all required course preparation must be completed PRIOR to course commencement.
    • Lab subjects:  Some virtual classes require a subject for lab practice sessions.  It is very important that you check the specific course description to determine if this is a requirement.  If so, please secure an appropriate subject to ensure your ability to practice the techniques presented.
    • Personal preparation:  If course involves hands on treatment, please have your fingernails filed and trimmed.
    • Self review of anatomy or physiology specific to the virtual class topic.

  • Manual and Document Delivery

    • Your Course Manual is delivered through a link in your IPA e-Learning course.  Instructions for download and how to receive your manual and any other important documents will be included in our acceptance letter and your reminder letter.
    • Release Forms:  Once you have registered, and prior to beginning the actual webinar, you will be required to complete a release form in your IPA e-Learning module.  This form must  be completed prior to any of the included course work.

  • CEU Information

    Contact Hours Vary by Class

    NOTE:  To receive a CEU certificate, you must complete the required liability form, any required pre-course work, view the webinar in its complete form, and complete the course evaluation at the conclusion of the course.  You will receive an email prior to the class with directions on how to complete your evaluation and specific guidelines as to the time frame in which this can be completed.

    • Classes approved for PTs will be approved in NY, IL, and CA.  For a different state, please check with your state board for reciprocity of CEU approval from one of these states.  IPA will provide the standard documentation needed for individual state approval if your state does not accept reciprocity.  OTs, and PTAs should check with their approving body to determine if the PT approval is acceptable.
    • Please check each virtual class for the target audience and for whom the class is designed to satisfy continuing education hours.

  • Price Information

    • Early Bird Discounts:   Do not apply to on-demand courses
    • Student / New Professional Discounts: Students and First Year New Professionals can receive a 20% discount. Full details here.
    • Repeat Discounts: IPA makes on-demand courses available at half-price for those repeating a course within five (5) years.  You must register by phone to receive a half-price repeat spot.  Registering online will result in you being charged full price. Credits cannot be issued once your transaction is complete.

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