First Year New Professionals

New Professionals: Jumpstart your career!

  • Elevate your confidence!
  • Experience great results!
  • Enjoy what you do!
  • Tie everything together from your education!
  • Expedite your path to clinical mastery!

Join hundreds of students who spend their weekends taking multiple IPA classes each year and experience their excitement for the dynamic FMT material.

What IPA Can Provide For You:

If you entered the physical therapy profession to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, IPA provides an expidited pathway for you to achieve clinical mastery and impact the lives of those you serve.

The profession of physical therapy promotes independent thinking and offers endless opportunities to explore the complexity of human body function. Young professionals of today are the leaders and game changers of tomorrow’s physical therapy profession. Our organization is invested in the future of our profession and our future leaders.

Exclusive to New Professionals:

Opportunities to feel inspired, empowered, excited, and confident about your potential!


20% Student Discount to weekend continuing education opportunities to promote interaction and learning with seasoned physical therapists.**

Universal Teaching

Study within a system that is applicable to all patients (Functional Manual Therapy®)

Full-Body Learning

Learn how to treat the entire human body (joints, fascia/soft tissues, viscera, neurovascular system, neuromuscular connectivity, motor control)

In-Depth Knowledge

Master an approach versus just being superficially exposed to multiple approaches.

Continued Education

Elevate your palpation and manual therapy treatment skills to beyond entry level expertise

CoreFirst Strategies

Learn body mechanics based on CoreFirst Strategies to protect yourself from injury while treating, improve your performance manual therapy through connecting your body, and teach patients efficient and pain-free movement strategies.

Top-Notch Teachers

Learn from clinical masters who are the go to therapists in their community for complex patients

Backbone Techniques

Learn the FMT clinical reasoning scaffolding to organize all the diverse concepts and techniques learned in school with a fresh focus on achieving optimal function and movement. (taught in all IPA courses)

New Professional 20% Discount

IPA offers a 20% student discount for PT students enrolled in an entry-level graduate physical therapy program, beginning with the start of year two and up until one year after graduation. This discount can be used as many times as you wish during the eligible time frame.

Physical therapists enrolled in post professional graduate programs, once a PT license has been issued, are not eligible for this discount.

You must apply for the discount by calling the IPA office (970-870-9521) PRIOR to registration in the course. You must provide the name of your school and graduation date prior to receiving the discount code specific for the course you wish to take. The discount code can only be applied prior to completing your transaction and cannot be applied retroactively.

Remember to call and register with the IPA office to receive this special discount as many times as you would like! We look forward to seeing you in a class and sharing our passion for manual therapy and patient care!!

IPA Manual Therapy Residency

Be excited every day! Don’t start work at a location where you receive minimal mentorship and are stuck seeing 3-4 patients every hour. Seize the opportunity to catapult your clinical confidence and competency into the level of clinical expert early on in your career!

The IPA Manual Therapy Residency is a full-time, mentorship-intensive residency with an emphasis on interregional dependency, clinical reasoning, and manual skills enhancement. This fully-immersive mentorship experience is inclusive of in-services, one-on-one mentorship, co-treatments and observational hours with the support of an advanced clinical instructor.

The Founding Directors of IPA, since the early 1980s, determined to set a very high bar for the professional standard for mentorship which directly mimics the standards set by the medical profession. Evidence supports the premise that direct, in-person mentorship is the best way to create highly-skilled and well-rounded clinicians.

Residency and Fellowship

Don’t Wait to Experience the Remarkable

  • Seamlessly tie together what you learn in school!
  • Have confidence to think inside and outside the box!
  • View the human body with complex simplicity!

The FMT System…It Just Makes Sense

  • Elevate your manual and observational skills to beyond entry level expertise
  • Experience confidence as you acquire skills that produce immediate results. 
  • Improve your marketability to work in clinics that focus on quality, not quantity
  • Learn from clinical masters, who are the go to therapists in their community for complex patients
  • Master an approach versus just being superficially exposed to multiple techniques.
  • Become a CFMT early in your career and open the door to many advanced learning and mentoring opportunities

Call IPA now to receive your 20% discount code

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