Category: FMLT

A Manint

After taking FMLT, the numbness/tingling I have had for over a year is 90 percent reduced, and my right shear has been much better.  I also notice that I’m not waking up as much in the middle of the night to turn over.    

Chris Degrandis

After taking FMLT, I assessed and treated the coccyx and neural tension in a BPPV patient using lower extremity neural tensioning and upper cervical flexion/extension. The patient’s vertigo symptoms were completely resolved! Zero symptoms two weeks and counting!

Kim Davis

15 years of chronic anterior hip pain led to me giving up running and competitive biking. Nothing had helped and no one, including me, could identify the source.  During the hip section of FMLT, the assessment system revealed the source of my dysfunction in 2 seconds.  The instructor was immediately able to direct my partner to the exact tissues which needed treatment and facilitate immediate changes using FM techniques.  That night I had no pain walking and woke for the first time in years without pain.