Category: FMLE

Anne Lapis

FMLE was fantastic! It was so great to see the impact of fibular treatment on both knee and ankle mechanics and function.  My squat is so much better and I no longer am feeling my knee pain during work.

Dan Simmons

WOW! The ability to now look at a person’s foot and understand the difference between a pronated and compensated supinated foot type is mind-blowing!  And, understanding the significance of midfoot mechanics to normalize foot function was insightful and practice-changing.  FMLE was amazing! Thank you so much!

J Lenin

FMLE provided me the tangible and pertinent evaluation and treatment techniques that all orthopedic PTs can and should be using for the knee, foot and ankle.  The syllabus was clear, but the hands-on practice was the best.  There was so much lab and plenty of time to practice techniques.