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Charlie King

Learning the FMT paradigm, strategies, evaluation, and treatment techniques was hands down the most influential and vital part of my physical therapy education. I began taking IPA course work and seeking mentorship early in my career and cannot recommend this enough. No other continuing education program that I have encountered even comes close.

Cheryl F. Wardlaw

I am confident. I am competent. After almost 44 years as a PT, I still enjoy each and every day treating my patients. And, I owe it to the knowledge, skills, and community that comes with being part of the IPA.

Justin Sullivan

What makes the FMT approach so incredibly unique is how it provides a comprehensive framework that allows the manual therapist to make sense of any complex case, but still allows any other methodology or skillset to be used in a complimentary way.  IPA courses are like drinking from a firehose, where each hour contains a dozen actionable concepts and tools to use immediately with your patients.

Allison Legakis Massopust

The FMT approach embodies a passion for healing, beyond the natural borders of healthcare. Taking IPA courses and going through the IPA Residency as a young clinician empowered me to make immediate changes in general patients, and have the confidence to take on challenging patients.

Angelo S. Urquico

Thought CFMT would be the end goal…. But instead continues to be the solid foundation that is allowing me to keep reaching for the summit.

Kaysi Gray

Going through the process of becoming a CFMT has given me the ability to treat patients with a wider scope of what impairments need to be addressed within a much faster time frame.

Mary Shahid

FMT has revolutionized my practice.  It has not only provided me with the skills and knowledge to attract patients that seek not only correction of their dysfunctions, but also the knowledge of how to prevent these dysfunctions from reoccurring.  What I love about being a CFMT is that not only do I promote healing, but that I can also provide my patients hope for a future without pain and dysfunction.  What a joy!