Heather Demirci

Heather Demirci

Heather Demirci


FMT Fellow

CFMT with Honors


  • Superior Performance Physical Therapy
    4695 MacArthur Court
    Suite 1100
    Newport Beach, CA 92660

    Superior Performance Physical Therapy
    2500 Broadway Building F
    Suite F-125
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660
About Heather

Heather Demirci was lucky enough to grow up in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO and enjoy the active lifestyle that accompanies growing up in such an outdoor paradise. Along with that enjoyment of being active, mainly in swimming, came injury which led her to the doors of JJPT. After discovering how physical therapy could be different than conventional thinking, she decided to devote her life to PT. After getting a DPT at Northeastern University in Boston, she pursued her residency in Greenwich, CT with Brad Gilden. Heather earned her CFMT with honors in Aug 2012 and decided to further her education in the fellowship program in NY with Dean Hazama in 2015. Now, Heather lives in Newport Beach, CA where she opened Superior Performance PT. She is really enjoying teaching these amazing and effective techniques to other PTs and PTAs to help progress the level of physical therapy out there today! When Heather isn’t working or teaching, she is enjoying time with her husband and daughter (who might stop by if at local classes).